Tracks - NEW UPDATE NOW LIVE | Controller Support

Hello everyone, 

We're delighted to announce that a brand new update is now live for Tracks! Tons of new objects have been added, including charming helicopters, planes and bikes - plus controller support is finally here!

Check out the brand new trailer we've made to mark the occasion:

:HealUp: Full Controller Support

Tracks can now be played with a controller!

This is our first pass at controller support, and we are looking to refine the controls over time. If you have any feedback please post in the controller feedback thread. 

We've gone with Xbox controllers as the default, meaning that only the Xbox user interface is currently visible. But you can still play the game with alternate controllers such as the PS4 controller and the Steam controller.

:HealUp: New Items

:romopolis_house: Bicycle
:romopolis_house: Car
:romopolis_house: Van
:romopolis_house: Post Van
:romopolis_house: Helicopter
:romopolis_house: Plane

:stone: Rock
:stone: A differently shaped rock
:stone: A bigger rock
:stone: There are quite a few rocks
:stone: I figured 5 was a good amount

:romopolis_house: Climber
:romopolis_house: Skydiver
:romopolis_house: Scuba Diver

:romopolis_house: Fire Station

:HealUp: Track Improvements

Every track piece has been replaced to improve alignment and we've also overhauled textures for many of them. Not only does this improve visuals, but it should also fix some derailment bugs.

Below is the change log for this build. We'll have more content and features to show off within the coming weeks and we thank everyone who has joined us on this journey throughout development so far!

Improvements and Bug Fixes

:fix: The train can now be reset during build mode
:fix: Alternate mode (alt key) is now a toggle rather than needing to be held down
:fix: Alternate mode (alt key) now has a pop-up indicator/description
:fix: Fixed the train slowly shifting and rotating when it should be stationary
:fix: Fixed the train shuddering when switching to reverse
:fix: Fixed the train sometimes wobbling along a straight track
:fix: Fixed the Save Discovery load animation getting stuck
:fix: Fixed issues with tunnels when they aren't on solid ground
:fix: Linking tunnels will now be deselected when opening the toy box
:fix: Improved lighting in the Modern Apartments environment
:fix: Improved Modern Apartments layout
:fix: Fixed a crash caused by closing the save menu quickly after creating a save
:fix: Fixed toy box exit issue after using the size slider
:fix: Passenger moustache colour is now randomised
:fix: Fixed placement grid not loading correctly
:fix: Adjusted the Police Station so the roof/helipad can have objects placed on it
:fix: Reorganised the toy box with new categories
:fix: Walking passengers should now be deleted when clearing track
:fix: Build sockets no longer appear when you're placing objects
:fix: Menu refinements
:fix: You can now spawn a max of 20 passengers at a time rather than 19
:fix: Fixed cancel button on the music note selection screen
:fix: Fixed issue with environment change sound effect

Tracks - The Train Set Game is now available in Early Access on Steam.

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