Meet the Team


Excalibur is a division of Contact Sales Ltd, a distributor of video games and peripherals since 1997. Excalibur published its first PC games in 2004. Since then it has grown into one of the most prolific and successful simulations specialists in the PC publishing market. With a skilled team of 12 at head office, we have published in excess of 100 titles and have numerous development and retail partners throughout the world.

Here are just a few key members of our valuable team: 

Robert Stallibrass

Managing Director Robert has worked in the video games industry since 1984 in both sales and marketing positions. Having run a successful video game wholesale distribution business for 20 years, he saw a gap in the market for a publisher of PC simulation games and started Excalibur in 2004. Over 100 titles later, he’s steering the company into digital delivery and beyond. 


Sharon Stallibrass

Commercial Director Sharon started working in the video games industry in 1984 with the advent of American 8-bit games published in Europe by US Gold. She cut her teeth selling coin-op conversions like Out Run and Road Blaster. She’s been around a long time.  As well as all things commercial, Sharon looks after all of our box product production issues too. 


Chris Cleveland

Product Development Manager. Some say Chris was genetically enhanced to store more gaming knowledge than any one man should possess. But in reality, his brain has been filled with so much gaming information that there’s little room left to remember things like buying milk or where the car was parked. He is the producer for several games in development and searches for awesome new games and talent.


Tim Boss

Head of QA, Tim, has been working at Excalibur for over 5 years. He also handles customer support and helps out with product development. With a history of long hours and entire weekends playing PC games he shows a passion for all things PC. He puts more time into one game than most athletes do training for the Olympics.


Annabelle Free

Annabelle looks after customer service and makes sure all orders are dispatched as swiftly as possible. She is responsible for making sure all our products are available for you through many online retailers. She's your first point of contact should you have any enquiries regarding customer services.



Neil Fozzard

Neil is head of our in-house graphic design department. With more than 25 years experience in design agencies and managing design teams and production, he’s got the knowhow to make any creative challenge a reality.



Warehouse and Distribution

We also have a dedicated warehouse team who handle our ever growing worldwide distribution.