News Item

We’ve just released four add-ons rewritten specifically for the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition.  They are: Discover Great Britain Discover Arabia Early Years of Flight Around the World in 80 Flights  All can be downloaded from Steam now.  Coming up in the next few weeks are Short Sunderland and Discover Europe.  We’ll have news about more add-ons in the coming months. 
Plan your entry, command your team and save the hostages’ lives. As part of the Counter Terrorism Unit your objective is to maintain the safety of the innocent and prevent terrorist atrocities. Your skills are in high demand so choose your next mission wisely, gear up your team and complete each mission with tactical grace and the utmost sensitivity.
Today, I’d like to share with you our future plans for European Ship Simulator. We are restructuring our development team so that we are able to dedicate more time and resources to turn this into the core product that we have envisioned.  We have every intention of supporting this for many years to come and in the next few months we will have more news to share on the future of European Ship Simulator along with plans for new features,...