Settle Down With Shoppe Keep, Craft Keep VR and Jalopy on Steam this Winter!

Just in time for the Christmas holidays, three of Excalibur’s top games have received major updates! Shoppe Keep, Craft Keep VR and Jalopy all now feature brand new content for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Shoppe Keep Christmas Update

Returning from last year, Shoppe Keep has been updated with a Christmas-y layer that features festive decorations to place around your shop! In addition, customers will deliver Christmas presents to under the tree, and these gifts include random contents – some good, some not so friendly!

Craft Keep VR Christmas Update

If you’ve been playing Craft Keep VR, you’ve probably been enjoying taking in your surroundings, from dragons to pesky wanted criminals! We’ve updated the game to be incredibly snowy, so that you can feel cold in your virtual world, as well as your real one, and you can now chuck snowballs at the customers you don’t like the look of.

Jalopy Non-Christmas (But Still at Christmas) Update

You know them lists of ‘Top Christmas Films’, that include these films that released at Christmas, but are actually not at all Christmas related? Introducing the Jalopy Non-Christmas Christmas update! You can try your hand at driving through Bulgaria, an all-new environment, in our public beta. In addition, we have now introduced new types of tyres, which are specialised towards certain weather types.

December 21, 2016 by Neil Fozzard

Christmas Countdown – 8 Chances to Win

8 Days of Holiday Giveaways

In the lead up to the Holidays, we are running a large competition that will appeal to many gamers, whether they’re fans of action games, simulator games or just want some new games to play this holiday season! From a t-shirt bundle, to the top prize consisting of free copies of every 1st party Excalibur Games release that is available, along with all of our upcoming 2017 1st party releases!

From 15th – 22nd December 2016, we are giving away a huge prize bundle to one lucky winner each and every day. That means that there are EIGHT chances to win. To enter, simply use the form below and complete as many actions as you wish to – the more you complete, the more chance you have of winning a prize!

8 Days of Holiday Giveaways

Read on for the full schedule and details on what you can win each day if you enter:

15th Dec: Win an Excalibur t-shirt bundle: Better Late Than Dead t-shirt, Craft Keep VR t-shirt, CTU t-shirt, Jalopy t-shirt

16th Dec: Win a Excalibur Games PS4 pack, consisting of Perfect Universe, Laser Disco Defenders and Space Overlords

17th Dec: Win a Steam bundle of Jalopy and Shoppe Keep

18th Dec: One week until Christmas prize – Win the Shoppe Keep Special Edition on Steam Steam, along with the Laser Disco Defenders Special Edition on Steam

19th Dec: Win an Excalibur Games Simulator Bundle, including Steam copies of Enforcer: Police Crime Action, World Ship Simulator and European Ship Simulator

20th Dec: Win an Excalibur Games action bundle, including Steam copies of Shoppe Keep, Circuit Breakers, CTU: Counter Terrorism Unit, Space Overlords, Better Late Than Dead and Laser Disco Defenders

21st Dec: Win an Excalibur vehicle bundle, including Steam copies of Jalopy, Farming World, Enforcer: Police Crime Action, World Ship Simulator and European Ship Simulator

22nd Dec: Ultimate holidays prize: Win copies for EVERY 1st party game Excalibur have published, along with all of our 1st party releases through 2017

December 14, 2016 by Neil Fozzard