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From respected simulations developer TML Studios & Aerosoft comes London Underground Simulator - Circle Line. London Underground Simulator presents a faithful recreation of London's Circle Line underground service. From Excalibur Publishing’s Trucking & Driving PC games range, London Underground Simulator features a highly detailed tube train to drive, 35 stations to visit and over 27 km of track to drive along, LUSCL certainly gives you plenty to do! Check out the YouTube video below to see the attention to detail that's gone into the creation of this title.

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The Circle Line

The Circle Line is an underground service of the London Underground circling the centre of London. It was first described as such in 1949 and actually appeared on the 1947 Underground Map. It was not built as a separate line but was merged from different sections of the Metropolitan Line and the District Line. Only two short sections of this line are solely used by the Circle line. These sections are the connecting curves between the stations of High Street Kensington and Gloucester Road and between Aldgate and Tower Hill.

London Underground Simulator features:

  • More than 27 km of track
  • Includes 35 Circle Line stations
  • Highly detailed C Stock Train
  • 3D Cockpit with rotatable camera
  • Free movement in the train and at the stations
  • Realistic AI traffic
  • Dynamic passengers on the platforms
  • Superb graphics, reflecting headlights, realistic light effects at night time
  • Realistic announcements recorded by the original speaker

Produced under licence by Transport for London. Registered User Number 10/4877. Logo (c) (r) Transport for London.

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Release Date: October 7, 2011Retail Price: £19.99Rating:
Developer: Aerosoft/TML StudiosReviews:

"it is really quite a lovely looking game. "

The Reticule

"World of Subways is a lovingly realistic recreation of the Circle Line of the London Underground, one of the best simulators out so far this year"


System requirements:

- Windows XP (SP3)/ Vista / 7
- Dual core 2.6 GHz Processor
- Graphics Card: GeForce 9800 or ATI equivalent
- DirectX 9.0c
- Sound Card
- 2 GB RAM
- 2 GB free hard drive space
- DVD drive

Note: Online activation required.