Space Rangers

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From Russian developer, Elemental Games, Space Rangers is a turn-based space RPG also featuring breathtaking 3D real-time action.  

After years and years of inter-galactic fights and squabbles, and just as every spaceman, android and mutant in the universe thinks they can put their feet up and have a well-earned rest, out of the blue it all kicks off again!

About Space Rangers

As an ominous new threat emerges throughout the galaxy, everyone holds their breath.  A key planet responsible for producing war androids has become self-aware.  The Dominators are a mutant force who have advanced well beyond their programmed ability to fulfil the wishes of their creators.   They have developed their own intellect, force of will and agenda and are now striving only to destroy everything in their path and expand their own horizons by conquering the galaxy one planet at a time.  

This is where you come in!


Freedom of choice is the key feature of Space Rangers as you explore its massive world which lives and develops by itself as you progress through the game and influence its very storyline.  You’re offered the choice of testing your skills not only in outer space but on planet side too.    Seamlessly combining a lavish mix of intense space RPG with 3D real-time action scenarios, Space Rangers presents you with the chance to shape your own destiny and wreak mankind’s revenge on The Dominators!


  • Explore the awe-inspiring galaxy which evolves as you progress through the story
  • Fight in turn-based mode in outer space and then switch to 3D real-time battles on the surface of planets
  • Dozens of possibilities for character development
  • Freedom to shape your own destiny – become a Space Ranger, Trader or Scavenger
  • Dozens of main and additional quests
  • Build and customize giant war robots and challenge The Dominators in space and on planet side!
  • Added Bonus: This game includes the original 100,000 unit selling Space Rangers episode!