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From Excalibur's range of Action & Strategy game, Monochroma is a story of two brothers who have witnessed a crime committed by an evil corporation in a dystopian world. The game is a cinematic puzzle platformer that balances unique puzzles and non-violent action. Take on the role of a boy who needs to carry his injured little brother on his back. You can’t move as quickly or jump as high with him on your back, so at times you have to put him down…..

Monochroma has been described as Limbo meets Ico. However, Monochroma is much more than a skilled mix of two great games: It is a deeply visual, intellectual, and emotional experience.

The story is told without written or spoken words, cut-scenes, or cinematics. Instead, the story unfolds through gameplay and subtle touches. Monochroma explores the hard emotional realities of life, relying on interactivity to grow into an art form. Set in a 1950s dystopian world, using a German Expressionist style, set in a factory town, followed by a maze of interconnected buildings, and ending on a zeppelin.


Operating System

Windows XP, Windows Vista/7/8 (All OS must be 64 bit) / Mac OS 10.6 or above/ Linux Ubuntu 12.04 or later


2GHz or better

Memory 2 GB Ram
Graphics Shader Model 3.0 Support, 512 MB Video Card or better
DirectX Version 9.0
Hard Drive 4 GB available space

Broadband Internet Connection / Free Steam account

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