Air Conflicts


An exciting arcade flight combat game set in World War II. You take part in a series of Campaigns each simulating a different part of the war - from the Battle of Britain to the Fall of Berlin. Unlike other games where you can get stuck on a tough mission, in Air Conflicts, you need not complete a mission to advance in the campaign. Succeed or fail, the war goes on. 

Each Campaign spans a year of World War II, and is particular to one of the three sides - the RAF, the Luftwaffe and the Soviet Red Air Force. For example, the RAF's North Africa Campaign runs from December 1941 (Operation Compass) to November 1942 (the second battle of El Alamein).

Successes that advance your Service Record also advance the war effort, and overall victory or defeat for your side is determined by their final Rank at the end of the Campaign (and the selected difficulty levonth, there will be various Missions that can be taken, at different Battlefields.

By flying these missions, you can improve your Service Record, and thus earn promotion to higher Ranks. Total victory in a mission can earn you Medals, but even partial success (or failure) can still be help the war effort - provided you manage to damage or destroy enemy planes or facilities). Also, by shooting down enemy planes and bombing enemy targets, you score Kills which in turn unlock New Planes.

Help your side win victory - or just try and survive the enemy onslaught! 


  • Pick Up & Play - easy to learn arcade-style action!
  • 10 Non-linear Campaigns - over 200 missions including patrols, manoeuvres, strategic bombing, air support, paratroopers, and supply deployment
  • Fight On Any Side - play as a heroic pilot of the Royal Air Force, the Luftwaffe, or the Soviet Air Force
  • Historically Themed Campaigns - fly in the battles that determined the outcome of the war, from Dunkirk to the Battle of the Bulge!
  • Simple Controls - easily navigate your aircraft with just a mouse and keyboard
  • Earn Real Medals - Air Conflicts features real World War II medals, and genuine World War II ranks
  • Fly 12 Authentic Planes - Spitfire, Mosquito, Avro Lancaster, He-111, Ju-87 Stuka, Bf-109, Gloster Meteor, Gotha 229, DB3, IL2, Lavochkin 5, Bisnovat 5
  • Play Three Multiplayer Modes - with up to 8 players Online or over a LAN

 System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP (SP3)/vista/7
Processor Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or greater
Memory 1GB System memory
Graphics Dedicated graphics card with 128 MB Memory
Hard Drive 1GB Available space


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