3D Model Railway

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Plan, design, build and then watch your train set come alive!

3D Model Railway lets you design and build your own model train set complete with a shopping list of parts and accessories for the most popular scales including HO, O and N.

It includes scenery objects like buildings, trees, bushes, flowers, grass etc. plus steam, electric and diesel locomotives and rolling stock such as boxcars, passenger cars, gondolas and tankers.

There are also ready-made tracks true to scale which you can drop onto your virtual table! 

Features of 3D Model Railway

  • 34 ready-to-use train set plans included or you can design your own layouts!
  • 60+ locomotives, dozens of cars, tenders and other rolling stock to choose from
  • Plenty of different sceneries
  • Control of switching allows for multiple trains to run at once
  • Easily create your own train layout large or small, simple or complex
  • Built-in doublets to recreate landscape, buildings, frontages
  • Includes transformers for precision control of trains
  • Includes locomotives, rolling stock and rails from Arnold, Berno, Fleischmann, Hubner, LCB, Lima, Marklin, Peco, Pilz, Roco, Tillig, Trix
  • Complete track system: Straight, curved and flexible tracks, junctions, switches and cross switches
  • 2D & 3D rendering of the train set on your screen in real-time
  • Insert cameras at different angles for multiple views of your train set
  • Create and save videos of your layout in action (or your view from the cab) and share them with others
  • Print out a complete lists of all the components and construction elements you need for your model layout
  • Easily import and export your own items to create more locomotives or scenery
  • Includes tutorial videos that will get you started fast
  • Includes animated scenery plus you can create your own!

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7
Processor Pentium 4 2GHz or greater
Memory 1 GB system memory
Hard Drive 250MB available Space