A Chat with Space Overlords Dev Edwin Vargas Cortés

Hello, all. I’m James Clements, the new guy at Excalibur Games, and I’ve been brought in to work on Community and Press. While I’m still settling in, one of the things I’ve wanted to do from the start is to continue this blog. It’s a great platform for us, as publishers, and our partners, as developers, to communicate with you, the players.

Thankfully, being the new guy doesn’t mean that I don’t get to do anything exciting! For example, I was lucky enough to have a chat with Edwin Vargas Cortés, Co-Director and Art Director on the upcoming Space Overlords. If you’re yet to hear about the game, it’s got an amazing level-creator that allows you to name your own galaxy and populate it with planets. The planets themselves have a bajillion possible combinations, allowing you to select city types, the living population and more.

Anyway, you’ve visited this blog to hear from Edwin, and so I’ll let him do the talking!

“Hi guys! I’m Edwin Vargas. I am the CEO, and now Director of, 12 Hit Combo! And I’ve been working on Space Overlords.”

I asked Edwin to speak a little more about his game. “Space Overlords is basically a top-down brawler, shooter type of game, in which we want players to have a really great couch experience. And also be able to build their own planets. You control this giant robot, an Overlord, in which you lay waste to planets and get power-ups. And also you can compete with friends. The game has eight playable characters.”

Wow. That’s quite a lot of Space Overlords to pick from, huh? But as Edwin explained, the game has a focus on ‘couch multiplayer’, the ability to play locally with friends, so you won’t have to settle for seeing just one Overlord in action at any one time. I don’t know about you, but with the lack of local multiplayer games releasing nowadays, this is a breath of fresh air.

And it seems Edwin agrees! “I think that’s going to be a really great opportunity. Sit with friends, do it like we used to do it. Having a good time, picking up a game [and] some snacks!” Speaking about the different multiplayer game-modes, 12 Hit Combo’s Edwin stated that “You can have up to four players playing on the same planet. And basically it’s like a deathmatch. We also have team deathmatch and other interesting modes, like where one player is infected and has to get rid of that infection. I think that makes for really fun, easy to pick up gameplay.”

Moving on to the planet creation system that I nerded out over at the beginning of this blog, Edwin said “In Space Overlords, we have over 25 different base planet combinations. You have the continents, you have different kinds of oceans to add. And like 25 different kinds of buildings.”

If you’ve ever played Little Big Planet, you’ll be right at home with Space Overlord’s community hub. Planets you create can be uploaded and shared across multiple platforms, meaning that Space Overlords will have a countless number of levels for you to download and play!

I asked Edwin if there were any games he could point to as inspiration for Space Overlords. “First that comes to mind was a little game, for the Nintendo 64, called Blast Corps. And I think Geometry Wars would come to mind.” Later speaking about how Space Overlords sets itself aside from these inspirations, Edwin mentioned that “We were going for more character-based gameplay with special moves. And also the ability to play with your friends, for example.”

Sounds cool, right? Thankfully, you don’t have to wait long to hop in and begin creating planets. And destroying them. Or both. Space Overlords is releasing on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita very soon. For updates, make sure to follow Space Overlords on both Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, to keep up to date with Space Overlords and wider Excalibur Games releases, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And last, but by no means least, go over and give Edwin a follow on Twitter.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this look into the development process behind Space Overlords - check back for more blogs like this soon.

 James Clements

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