When you're waiting for a new game to come out, that is as exciting as Craft Keep VR, excitement levels can get pretty high. Well, if this sounds like you, your excitement is about to go overboard! Craft Keep VR is now available to download on Steam! 

Many of you are fans of Shoppe Keep, and this is your ultimate chance to become a part of the world established by that game. That said, Craft Keep VR is a standalone game that everyone can enjoy. You can become completely immersed as a blacksmith-come-alchemist with Craft Keep VR for the HTC Vive. While there's plenty of content to keep you playing as soon as you purchase the game, we will be delivering regular updates that will advance the narrative and add fresh gameplay mechanics. 

Will you be playing Craft Keep VR? You can see me having a blast with the game here, incase you want to see me flailing around for some reason. Much more entertaining is watching Draegast play the game, which you can watch here

Make sure to follow Shoppe Keep on Twitter and Facebook for updates. To join other fans to discuss Craft Keep VR, make sure to use the hashtag #CraftKeepVR.

James Clements

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