If you’ve been enjoying Craft Keep VR, we have some very good news for you! If you haven’t been playing Craft Keep VR yet, now is a greater time than ever to jump in!

Chapter 2, our first large content update will release in its finished state before the year is out. That means that in the coming weeks, you’ll be jumping back into the Keep world and participating in mining, shooting Kobs and much more!

Chapter 1 saw you thrown out of your stall, left in the cold. And so, Chapter 2 starts off in the Forest Pick area, with you needing to need to start off fresh, fulfilling low cost orders for miners at the Moira mines. Moira the Druid has been hard at work keeping the mines free of the Kobs infestation, so many miners want to help out and will ask for swords as replacements for their pickaxes.

The Kobs are a brand new enemy that creep out of the local mines from time to time - shooting them with arrows, or throwing deadly stock at the monsters is recommended. A brand new mining feature will also feature in Chapter 2, as well as some flashy fresh particle effects for enchanted weapons!

Take a look at the brand new screenshots below, and get ready to return to the world of Craft Keep VR later this month!

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