A couple of weeks ago we announced Better Late Than DEAD, releasing on the 9th of July in Early Access. Over the coming weeks we will begin updating our blog regularly  to include new screenshots, press coverage and videos. Last week we saw a lot of new content being released. In this weeks breakdown here are our highlights

We revealed Comic Panel #2. Can you guess what is inside the box?

This weeks new screenshot reveals the weather effects. If players are in rain for too long they may become ill which will drastically affect their condition.

We also revealed the crafting mechanic which uses a point and click style adventure mechanic where players will need to cut or tie objects to create new items.check out the video below and let us know what you think:


And finally Gamewatcher interviewed Odin Game Studio’s Alexandre Kikuchi and Excalibur’s Richard Barclay to discuss Better Late Than DEAD in greater detail. You can read the full interview below:


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