Uncommon Valour

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Gary Grigsby, the world's leading war game designer, brings you one of the most accurate and detailed simulations of military history that you will ever see.

The campaign in the South Pacific was carried out on a vast scale - thousands of sailors, soldiers and airmen fought and died in a battle zone covering millions of square miles. As the commander of these forces, you will soon begin to realise that it is not the aircraft carriers, battleships fighters or bombers that will achieve victory for you. The skills and uncommon valour of the individual men in command and at the sharp end of close combat will enable you to achieve your objectives, as you fight not only the enemy but extremes of weather and terrain.

The attention to detail in Uncommon Valour is breath taking - every ship's captain and aircraft pilot is individually rated for their skills and experience and every weapon, plane and ship is accurately re-created from years of historical research.