Street Cleaning Simulator

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From Excalibur Games' range of driving sim games for PC, in Street Cleaning Simulator you are the proud owner of a small firm specialising in keeping the roads clean.

Your task is to keep the roads and streets clean so jump in and take the wheel of one of three highly detailed street cleaning vehicles. Different types of pollution and cleaning techniques provide variety.

Select the appropriate attachment for your vehicle and head out on one of the many missions that are set to challenge you. Graphically this is a strong title with a high quality particle system and dynamic time of day changes.

Experience the real work of a street cleaner, thanks to the complex AI traffic, which includes pedestrians and enjoy the real-true view of the adjustable 3D cockpit. 

Features of Street Cleaning Simulator: 
• 3 highly detailed and interactive vehicles 
• Manual emptying the dirt container and filling the fresh water tanks 
• Remove dirt with several different cleaning techniques to complete the demanding and varied missions
• Detailed game world with complex AI traffic including pedestrians 
• Dynamic time of day changes and high quality particle system

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP(SP3) / Vista / 7 
Processor Intel 2 GHz or greater
Memory 2 GB system memory
Graphics Dedicated graphics card with 256 MB memory
Hard Drive 500 MB available space