River Master

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Based on the real world location of the River Rhine, you'll sail a barge and other vessels passing many cities and villages including Frankfurt Mainz and even the Dutch border. Complete a great selection of missions that range from shipping various containers and performing manoeuvres with the tow boat.

From Excalibur's range of boat simulator games, in River Master you'll need a steady hand and keen concentration to navigate several different boats ranging from barges, ferries to a speedboat! Use these vessels to explore the Rhine, completing a variety of delivery machines and special missions for each vessel. 

Set across a vast map of the river Rhine you'll come across many villages and sightseeing locations including Frankfurt, the Dutch border and cathedrals. You are given the freedom to use your ship as you please and could even choose to explore without the demand of missions. 

Once you've accepted a mission and transported the cargo to the docks, all is not over, you'll need to operate the crane and unload the cargo. As you complete more and more missions, you'll gain experience which can be used to obtain new vessels. 

Features of River Master: 

  • Massive map, surrounded by 3D objects from Frankfurt to the Dutch border. 
  • Seven barges, the ships are modelled on real vessels with details cock pits and all the features you would expect on a real ship. 
  • Modding friendly structures allow the creation and integration of your own ships in the game. 
  • Complete special ship specific assignments. 
  • Skip certain parts of the missions. If you prefer to unload the cargo with the crane, skip the delivery section and vice versa! 

    System Requirements

    Operating System Windows XP(SP3) / Vista / 7
    Processor Intel 2 GHz or greater
    Memory 2 GB system memory
    Graphics Dedicated graphics card with 256 MB memory
    Hard Drive 1.5 GB available space
    Others Internet connect required for activation