El Matador


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An adrenaline fuelled thrill ride, you are El Matador, a DEA special agent with a dangerous outlook on preventing criminal activity. In the midst of a rising new narcotics cartel across central and South America, El Matador must infiltrate the headquarters and exercise ultimate justice. Not just a run of the mill special agent, you have the firepower and skills to take down the cartel in the most extreme manner possible. A tale of corruption and revenge made sweeter with a huge arsenal of deadly weapons and slow motion shootouts. 

Features of EL Matador: 
• Explosive action across Central and South America. Rumble in the jungle or get explosive in a stately mansion 
• A cast of dangerous thugs from gang members to kingpins, take them all down! 
• Use the environment to your advantage; shoot the wires of suspended objects to quite literally crush your enemies! 
• A great arsenal of deadly weapons. 
• Experience the thrill of slow motion action, savour every second!

System Requirements

Operating System Window XP(SP3) / Vista / 7
Processor Intel 2 GHz or greater
Memory 1 GB system memory
Graphics Dedicated graphics card with 256 MB memory
Hard Drive 2.5 GB available space