Water Park Tycoon

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From Excalibur Publishing’s range of Management games, Water Park Tycoon challenges you to turn a humble patch of land into an epic water park. You’ll need to build pools, place pathways, construct slides and make sure your visitors love your Water Park.

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When you begin, you’ll need to carefully design your very first swimming pool. Customers do not want to see dozens of rectangle shaped pools so you’ll have to be creative, design interesting shapes for each individual pool to keep your visitors happy.

You’ll then have to decorate the pool with dozens of different pool objects and refreshment stalls. Of course, your customers will want to experience more than just swimming at a water park and you’ll be tasked with making their stay enjoyable, exciting and rewarding.

In Water Park Tycoon, every single one of your visitors is unique and they are not afraid to tell you what you are doing wrong. Some may want to see more playground objects, some may want to see an epic new slide and there are many who just want to get a tan by lying in a comfortable sun lounger.

As your water park grows and you gain more publicity you’ll unlock new items to build and will need to act fast as your visitors continue to make new requests to help shape your park.

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Developer: AstragonSystem requirements:

Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7/8 Processor with 1 GHz 512 MB RAM - DirectX 9.0c 800 MB free hard drive space