Police Simulator

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You are a police chief in control of the police force of a European city. Co-ordinate police cars, police helicopters, detectives and forensic teams to make sure law and order is maintained and no crime goes unpunished!

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Monitor your force with the help of a detailed and realistic city map and be prepared to react to any event that takes place in your city. On the streets you will encounter during the day and night, exciting, spectacular and realistic operational scenarios – from car chases to riots! A cool head and a well-planned strategy are essential!

Keep an eye on the cases you’ve got active. Hire and train Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) to go out and gather evidence.

Recruit (and train) the best Detectives to make use of the evidence to complete their investigation and discover who done it!

Then send your police force to apprehend the villain!

Keep the morale and health of your team at the forefront of your mind – only if your police officers are fresh and focused on the job, can they cope with the daily pressure.

Make sure that respectable citizens can go about their activities without fear!

  • A blend of simulation and real-time strategy
  • Fight crime in a modern, realistic European city
  • Variety of buildings, such as Airport, Stadium and distinctive districts, such as industrial, financial, slums and suburbs
  • Spectacular missions such as “chase”, “riots”, “robbery” and much more
  • Day / night cycle which effects the behavior of the population (different traffic density and fluctuating crime rate)
  • Manage your staff, create operational plans and buy new equipment
  • Train your force to improving their skills
  • Extensive career mode with various levels of difficulty
  • Realistic sound design, police radio, Sirens and background noise
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Release Date: October 7, 2011Retail Price: £9.99Rating:
Developer: CyberphobXReviews:


"Police Simulator is an extremely effective Simulator and strategy/management title. 4/5"

System requirements:

- Athlon/Pentium or equivalent processor with 1.4 GHz
- Windows XP/Vista/7
- 1 GB RAM
- 500 MB free Hard Drive Space
- 128 MB 3D graphics card
- 16-bit sound card
- DirectX 9.0c compatible hardware
- CD / DVD drive