Police Simulator 2

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In this police simulator game, you will fight the growing threat of criminal activity that is plaguing your city. As Chief of Police your influence and ability to protect relies on a keen understanding of danger zones and the ability to maintain control of your budget. Employ and command brave officers to patrol the streets, send out speeding emergency vehicles to respond to incidents quickly and invest in highly sophisticated new technology to assist your detectives in solving cases.

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Will you be the protector that this city needs or will you buckle under the rising criminal threat?

From Excalibur’s Emergency Services PC games range, Police Simulator 2 allows you to use your CSI lab to determine forensic evidence at the scene of crimes, following up by infiltrating undercover officers deep into the heart of dangerous criminal organisations that are distributing drugs and operating smuggling rackets throughout your city.
Invest your financial resources wisely in both training your officers and upgrading your vehicle fleet and equipment. Will your budget stretch to viewing your city from the air with a police helicopter?

Your finances are finite and you will have to balance the books whilst you counter crime!
As one area of your city returns to lawfulness, expect trouble to spring up elsewhere, demanding both a rapid reaction and skilful management of tactics to ensure an appropriate response. With a range of campaigns, achievements and quick missions this police simulator game offers the ultimate crime fighting challenge.

Features of Police Simulator 2:

  • Infiltrate criminal organisations with undercover agents and send out a force to capture the leads.
  • Place speed cameras to capture dangerous drivers and surveillance cameras to assist your detectives in solving cases.
  • Upgrade your high tech sophisticated crime lab to catch the perps, from finger prints to DNA analysing.
  • As your officers exceed expectations and go beyond the call of duty, they will receive promotions that increase their abilities
  • Purchase, sell and repair your vehicles, from patrol cars to helicopters.
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Release Date: October 5, 2012Retail Price: £19.99Rating:
Developer: CyberphobXReviews:

Police Simulator 2 is a definite improvement on its forerunner, whilst there are still issues with the game, and the inability to play completely zoomed out will turn away some strategy fans, the team management and scheduling inherent in the game makes a fantastic change from your average action based police title, that and there’s nothing better than chasing a perp with a helicopter as your patrol cars race along busy roads 4/5.

System requirements:

2.4 GHz or higher Athlon®- / Pentium® Processor
Windows XP/Vista/7
CD-ROM Drive
512 MB 3D-Graphics Card
DirectX 9.0c compatible hardware