European Bus Simulator

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Got places to go and people to see but don’t have your own method of transportation? Chances are you’ll hop on one of the titans of the public transport service, the bus. Switch that role round and become a driver with Excalibur’s European Bus Simulator from the Trucking & Driving PC games range. In this bus simulator game, you will be able to drive through a vibrant and busy European city featuring over 450 different bus stops for you to discover!

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As you and your bus cruise round completing the demands of dozens of different timetables, you’ll pick up patrons of your service to aid them to reach their destination whether it be reaching the tallest point of the city for breath-taking views or to the local grocery to do the days shopping. In European Bus Simulator, your responsibilities as a bus driver mean that you must all ways charge the correct amount for tickets per customer, respect road safety and plan your schedule. With a focus on a variation of different play modes including challenging missions and an emphasis on exploration, you’ll be able to progress at a speed that matches your style. This bus simulator game provides a large open environment, meaning you have ample room for cruising through the busy roads, so that you can see the sights and to get yourself familiar with the city. However, it’s not just the city that you can explore, but the buses themselves as you are tasked with the responsibility to make sure that your bus is running its very best. Monitor fuel levels, make sure to clear steamed windows so you can see, and use a variety of additional controls to get the king of public transport on the road.

European Bus Simulator provides:

  • A large open environment to let you explore the cities beautiful sights.
  • Over 450 bus stops and a massive selection of timetables that mean you are all ways kept busy.
  • Exploration with multiple play modes that reward completing missions but also for exploration.
  • A versatile list of passengers that means you need to charge customers the correct fare for their personal journey.
  • Monitoring of your bus to keep it roadworthy, from clearing steamed up windows to checking the fuel.
  • Methods of making sure you follow the rules of the road- there are plenty of other drivers and the passenger’s safety is your highest priority.
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Release Date: May 4, 2012Retail Price: £19.99Rating:
Developer: AstragonReviews:

Addict of Fiction:

"It is with great joy, I say that this game is easily an 8 out of 10"


"Beautiful graphics and truly intricate features that only the real enthusiast can appreciate, amidst a thriving city 4/5."

System requirements:


Windows XP (SP3)/ Vista/7
Dual-Core-Processor with 2.6 GHz
GeForce 9800 GT
DirectX 9.0c

Windows Vista/7 with 64 Bit
Quad-Core-Processor with 3 GHz
4 GB Ram
Graphics card with a minimum specification of GTX 560Ti